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Four Flags

Galeria Jaqueline Martins

São Paulo - BR


Four Flags 2020 São Paulo is a temporary project, brought to fruition by Galeria Jaqueline Martins in connection with Dutch curators Julia Mullié and Nick Terra, and bred by the urgency of these new times.
Twice a week, new flags will be installed at the gallery facade. All flags will be produced in editions of 4 + 1 A.P and all sales income will be fully directed to the artists.

For the Four Flags project, De Bonis developed the flag entitled: '(A lot of) Sorrow / the color of where you are not'.

In it we have printed on the semi-transparent fabric the desktop of the artist's computer, where several windows-stimulus are open at the same time, showing the unique period that we are going through in this pandemic moment, where the computer screen is a window that emits artificial light as a portal that raises new perspectives, solutions, and possibilities, but ends up reflecting our expectations, anxieties and afflictions.

3 -'(A lot of) Sorrow : the color of whe
2 -'(A lot of) Sorrow : the color of whe

'(A lot of) Sorrow / the color of where you are not' , 2020

1 -Renata De Bonis,'(A lot of) Sorrow :
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