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Quiet Neighbours


London, UK

2 - 31 March 2017

LAMB Arts is pleased to present Quiet Neighbours a multi-disciplinary solo exhibition by Renata De Bonis (São Paulo, 1984).

Exploring paintings, sound installations and sculpture in the last years, De Bonis shows a series of oil on found wood paintings that evoke images of sound waves and their vibrations. The paintings are made by a peculiar structure that creates volumes formed by a sequence of wooden slats, emphasizing the repetition of the oeuvre of painting, and also setting rhythm for the compositions.

Repetition is a recurring procedure in De Bonis practice, where the artist frequently seeks isolation in order to establish a recurring action, creating a mantra-like process intrinsic in the media’s the artist explores.


Finally, inspired by the infinite London’s pubs and caverns De Bonis transforms the gallery’s cave into an intimate stage with the performance of Ice Cold Slush. The excited power trio will perform at the opening night, recreating this common London underground experience inside the gallery space, producing a contrast between the apparently silent paintings and sculpture and live sound, noise and music.

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